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4 Types of Master’s degrees to get in Software Engineering

Jun 26, 2019

Software Engineering is undeniably a lucrative industry and one of the jobs most in demand today. Earning a Master’s in this field is absolutely a great investment in your future.

But even within software engineering, the landscape is constantly changing. New methods and areas of specialization pop up all the time. With this constant innovation, you might find yourself wondering what type of software engineering Master’s should you apply for? Let’s unpack some of the popular programmes around the world today.

#1 Robotics Engineering

What is Robotics Engineering?

Robotics engineering is one of the most exciting emerging fields. A robotics engineer is responsible for creating robots and robotic systems. The role is crucial because it helps to make jobs, especially in manufacturing, safer, easier, and more efficient.

Why study Robotics Engineering?

According to a Boston Consulting Group study, the industry is expected to reach $87 Billion by 2025. Aside from the staggering amount of money to be made in the industry, you could be specialising in the areas of Intelligent Systems and Artificial Intelligence and work on incredibly inspirational projects like self-driving cars, humanoid robots, smart devices, or even buzzing drones bearing packages from Amazon.

There are many Master’s in Robotics being offered around the world, including the US, Sweden and France.

#2 Cybersecurity

Where does Cybersecurity fall in Software Engineering?

Cybersecurity is a really broad field. In the work of keeping online activity secure and protected, software engineers in cybersecurity could be working in things like firewall or vulnerability scanning, or pushing out security patches. The work also includes being an expert in defense and countermeasures so as to end up with strong and reliable software.

What is great about Cybersecurity?

The world is digitising at a high speed. With this, there’s also an increase in threats and cybersecurity attacks. It has cost a lot of people, governments and companies a scary amount of money over the years. According to a report by McAfee, the cost of cybercrimes reached $600 billion in 2017 alone. This demand means the salaries of experts in this field will also be lucrative. According to the U.S.News and World report, the cybersecurity profession is projected to grow around 36.5% by 2022.

#3 System Development

What is System Development?

Systems development is the process of defining, designing, coding, testing, and implementing a desktop application or program. The software you use on your computer? A system developer helped make that.

What is great about System Development?

The fact that people will not stop using computer controlled technology anytime soon, in fact it will only be increasing in the future, means that the demand for this position is also increasing. From law firms to banks and telecommunications companies, organisations are struggling to fill this position. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for the role is going to increase by 17% from 2014 to 2024. Be an expert in this field, and job security will not be a worry for you.

#4 Web Development

What is Web Development

If systems development is about creating the software that we use on the computer, the web development is the coding or programming that enables functions on a website. So systems developer builds Chrome and a web developer builds this website that you’re reading on Chrome… or your browser of choice.

The role involves things like content management, web designing, security etc. The engineers who develop web applications are also called web developer, full stack web developer, front-end developer, UI developer, back-end developer.

What is great about Web Development?

The web is going to continuously evolve, and future-forward companies will be pushing the boundaries of web development all the time. In California close to the bay area, web developers are averaging over $90,000 a year. But aside from all the brilliant companies you could be working for, there is also the option of making it a whole business on your own. Freelance, or create an agency – there’s always going to be a market for what you do.

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