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Want to study abroad? Here are your options

Apr 4, 2019

Did you know that students who studied abroad earn 25% more than their peers who didn’t? Studying abroad also means meeting more people, experiencing different cultures and expanding your horizons. There are undeniably many more reasons why having an international education is the better choice, and if you can make it happen for yourself – you absolutely should.

International education can be done at any stage of your learning journey. No matter if you just graduated high school or looking for a Master’s degree, it’s crucial you understand what programmes suit you best. You want to be sure you are investing your time and money on the best possible programme you can find.

There are thousands of programmes, courses and universities you could look at. Here are just some possibilities you could consider.

Before Your Bachelor’s Degree

The one thing that most study abroad programmes require is that you’re able to speak English. In fact, a lot of eligibility criteria need you to have a good IELTS or TOEFL score.

If your English grades can do better, don’t let it hold you back from your dream career or study experience! Have you considered going for short courses in American colleges, or even take part in a foundation programme in the UK?

Both of these options are great opportunities for you to live and breathe the English language. Speak it everyday with everyone – your professors, new friends and neighbours.

English Language Courses

A lot of colleges in the US offer English language courses that you can take while you’re in high school, or just after you’d graduated. These are generally short courses that you can take in between any stage of your learning journey – after high school, or even right before your Master’s.

Foundation Programmes

Foundation programmes are increasingly popular in the UK. It’s not just because you get to practice your English, but also because you can specialise in a field of your choice – like Business, Engineering and Law. Plus a lot of universities also offer direct admission into their Bachelor’s programme if you do well!

For a Bachelor’s Degree

Bachelor of Art & Design

Increasingly, creativity is being more valued in the world. There are tons of rewarding and challenging careers in the arts and design fields in wide ranging industries. From architecture, to advertising and fine arts, it is worth your while to consider an arts education.

During Your Bachelor’s

Summer Programmes

Here’s a pro-tip: graduate faster, spend a productive summer and explore exciting new areas at the same time! There are tonnes of universities around the world that offer summer programmes where you can earn credit towards your degree.

Some exotic locations even include seasonal activities you can do after class. From sailboats to museum tours, it’ll be the experience of a lifetime.

After Your Bachelor’s or to Propel Your Career


No matter if you have a business background or not, the Master’s in Business Administration is the most powerful qualification you can have to propel your career. It prepares you to be an inspirational leader and effective manager. It also opens doors for your career, creating opportunities you would not otherwise have had.

Because of this, the MBA can be quite costly. There are many ways you can deal with the high cost – some companies would sponsor top employees, or you could find more flexible options. Part-time and online MBAs are getting quite popular today.

That said, if you’re already set in your industry and you’re sure on the path that you are going to take, a Master’s programme will help you become an expert in your field.

All of the Above – but with Flexibility

Online Programmes

One of the biggest problems with getting an international education is the time and financial cost of physically being overseas. Whether it’s mobility, family or visa reasons – it’s not a luxury that a lot of students can’t afford.

The good news is, online degree programmes are getting increasingly popular! From Bachelor’s to Master’s and MBA programmes, you can find one that will tailor to your needs. You can now learn at your own convenience with top accredited universities around the world.

We hope this guide makes your options much clearer. Isn’t it good to know that you’re not limited only to certain choices when it comes to looking for a study abroad programme?

Now that you know the different options that you have, start your research by browsing through the different programmes that are up on Sqore today.

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